Month: August 2018

The Types Of Fashions That Kim Dao Favors

Kim Dao is known as an online sensation who shares her thought about fashion and beauty products reviews. Her latest fashion ideas are the back to school outfits. Indeed, September is just around the corner and this means Springtime. In fact, this is her favorite season as she dresses floral sexy clothes. These fashions are really cute. Not too fancy but not too sexy either. These fashion ideas make all the boys turn their heads to you.

Spring Cold Days
The beige sweater is ideal for colder spring days. This is a perfect outfit especially during the first day of school. As you walk to your locker, boys would not resist this charm of yours. The outfit is from the Japanese brand INGNI. You can combine this sweater with a skirt or pants. It makes you look so hot and sexy, but it also gives you a pretty much decent look. Choose lighter colors when combining the sweater. For anyone who would love to put their makeup on, make sure that the color compliments your clothing.

Light Blouse Like Summer
Cute, white and pink blouse and skirt for hot days. This is ideal for any young girls out there who want to look cool and sexy. If you are not comfortable wearing a skirt, you can wear short that compliments the white and pink color. Kim Dao prefers to wear light blue with polka dot white. It is super cute and looks great. The top and bottom are from Liz Lisa products.

Harakaju Fashion
Is another dress produced by Liz Lisa, but this one is not as expensive as it usually does. In fact, you can have this simple, white and sexy blouse for only $25. It is a great dress to wear in school or even when you and your girlfriends are going out.

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